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Standing In The New Retail Outlet, The Four Great Exploration Of Home Enterprises.

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Standing In The New Retail Outlet, The Four Great Exploration Of Home Enterprises.
Standing In The New Retail Outlet, The Four Great Exploration Of Home Enterprises.

With the new retail in penetration and landing in a wide range of industries, from last year to this year, many new retail household enterprises began to test the waters, fusion online road, logistics cooperation, artificial intelligence, the use of virtual technology, improve the user experience, etc., have accelerated the household new retail model of fast growth, household industry also started the new retail all kinds of exploration.


Exploration 1: Internet home acceleration online and offline integration.

In recent years, many Internet companies to accelerate the offline layout experience stores household, using the Internet platform + store model, get online, the path of online and offline depth fusion, let new retail gradually fall to the ground.

In September, household experience of new retail store "HomeTimes home era" opened in hangzhou, the store for day cat new retail mode and combined with the typical demonstration of household industry, at the same time have all online channels gene.Original design, household brand made among new retail ranks, in July 2016, artificial after opened the first offline experience store in Beijing, September, October this year and set up shop in Shanghai, shenzhen, respectively, so far away across the country, Hong Kong and four offline store experience.

This year, many Internet home decoration platform began to actively explore the cooperation with offline home decoration companies, indicating that the new retail of the home decoration industry has been opened.The Internet home decoration platform, represented by qijia net and tuba rabbit, began to layout the home decoration platform of vertical class, and increased the deep cooperation with offline home decoration companies.At the end of June, love space, together with gome's new retail layout, called out the slogan "like selling appliances like appliances";In early July, the orange family of the home decoration brand of country garden launched a brand new brand strategy, announced the new retail sales force, and officially launched the urban partnership mode, and the offline rapid layout terminal.


Exploration 2: logistics becomes the important link of new retail.

With the advent of the new era of home furnishing, the demand for logistics has also been improved.According to the personage inside course of study introduces, furniture products are not standardized products, the logistics service demand a higher, more sophisticated, more professional, should also consider installation, after-sales maintenance ability, to the traditional logistics is a major test.Only the combination of offline online and logistics can bring more benefits to the enterprise.

On November 18, the Internet whole house soft outfit brand appropriate and appropriate rookie logistics & beauty and east arrow signed a strategic cooperation agreement, in order to solve the online home products experience of blind spots and logistics distribution problems, appropriate and appropriate beauty will be fully relying on strong east arrow rookie logistics & supply chain system, to achieve the country's 150 districts of cities and counties covered in distribution.According to appropriate and appropriate the relevant controller introduces, with the aid of east arrow & rookie logistics warehousing and logistics distribution of science and technology advantages, appropriate and appropriate the freight can better improve the overall efficiency, provides consumers with more high quality, efficient service experience.


Explore three: use new technology and intelligence.

In the new retail outlet, the Internet, virtual technology, artificial intelligence and so on gradually into the household sector, some stores and decoration companies are introducing VR/AR technology, intelligent household products or packages, let the new technology can assign a new retail, shorten the distance of the household brands and consumers, efforts to improve and meet new consumer demand.

On July 26, Beijing is the home of the jin yuan store open its first unmanned convenience stores, food box, consumers by scanning the qr code to register and upload the picture, can brush "face" in the door, shopping goods with self-service register after scan, and then sweep yards.

After 80, and 80 consumers become mainstream decorate, for their consumption needs and preferences, more and more domestic outfit enterprise also noted by using new technology and the content such as smart home package to attract young consumers.According to the consumer demand, ruibo-rong decoration has introduced the wireless intelligent packaging products, which can realize the functions of remote control such as window, gas alarm, color and light, etc.Today, the decoration also provides consumers with intelligent lighting system, electric control system, burglar alarm system, electric lock access control, hvac system and other smart technology integrated home decoration products.


Exploration 4: pay more attention to enhance the consumption experience.

After 80, 80 after consumer spending habits and consumer preferences determines their valued consumer experience, to provide better consumption experience and emotional satisfaction, not only is in order to cater to the taste of a new generation of consumers, but also the factor of new retail can not be ignored.

The home store no longer simply sells furniture, or can sit down to have a cup of coffee to chat, quietly read a book or experience a VR technology to see the future home.The model of this experience store makes consumers feel more relaxed and casual, close to the atmosphere of life, and gain emotional and psychological satisfaction and recognition.

Through the integration of online and offline, it not only makes the product more transparent to customers, but also enhances the user's multi-dimensional consumption experience and approaches the consumer's heart.

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